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Marketplace Submission Guidelines: General Marketplace Statements

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2017 01:02PM EDT

General Marketplace Statements


UE Marketplace Responsibilities 
UE Marketplace Buyer/Patron Responsibilities 
UE Marketplace Seller/Vendor Responsibilities 

UE Marketplace Responsibilities

1.  Statement of Intent

  1. The Marketplace’s purpose is to provide high quality content for Unreal Engine developers to use for commercial projects and as leading industry examples for those learning to develop on their own. Content on the Marketplace is selected for distribution through a combination of community feedback and Epic curation to ensure value and functionality. All assets submitted to the marketplace will be subject to review and may be declined for failure to meet any criteria outlined in this document.

UE Marketplace Buyer/Patron Responsibilities

  1. Statement of Professionalism
    1. Buyers must maintain a high level of professionalism through courteousness, responsiveness, and respect toward others.
  2. Purchasing
    1. A Marketplace purchase is a non-exclusive, worldwide, and perpetual license to download, use, copy, post, modify, promote, license, sell, publicly perform, publicly display, digitally perform, distribute, or transmit the content for personal, promotional, and/or commercial purposes.  Distribution of content via the Marketplace is not a sale of the content but the grant of digital rights to the customer.
    2. Sublicensing Marketplace assets in Source Code format is prohibited.  Sublicensing Marketplace assets in object code format, or any Content, is also prohibited except to grant end users the ability to use, or to permit publishers and distributors to market and Distribute, a Product Distributed as permitted in Section 1(a) of the Unreal Engine End User Licence Agreement.
    3. Accepted payment methods include Paypal and credit and debit cards bearing the VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, American Express and Diners brands. Debit cards are only accepted when they do not require PIN entry.
    4. Prepaid credit or debit cards are not supported and may not work for Marketplace purchases.
    5. Paypal accounts must be linked to a bank account or credit card in order to be usable for Marketplace purchases.
    6. Receipts/Invoices will be automatically sent via email to the address associated with the purchasing Epic Games account.  To request an invoice that includes company and VAT information, please complete the THIS FORM.
  3. Refunds
    1. Refund requests must be submitted through the Refund Request Form for Marketplace Assets.
    2. Request for a refund must be submitted within 48 hours from the time that the transaction took place.
    3. Refund requests must include the following information
      1. The email address associated with the purchase
      2. The Order ID from the emailed receipt
      3. The reason for requesting a refund
      4. In the case of a technical issue or bug, detailed descriptions of the issues including screenshots, videos, and/or system logs or steps taken in order to replicate the experiences must be provided.  
      5. Include any suggestions or support provided by the developer.

Please refer to the Unreal Engine Marketplace Refund Policy.


UE Marketplace Seller/Vendor Responsibilities

  1. Content Requirements
    1. Sellers must provide full support for all content they offer on the Marketplace.
      1. Sellers are expected to keep their content up to date with each new major engine version release.
        1. Content must be maintained for current version and the previous version available when content was released. Seller may support versions prior to release but it is not required.
    2. Sellers must repair any issues or any other guideline discrepancies in their content after it has been published.
      1. If a content creator is unable or unwilling to fix issues with their content the Marketplace reserves the right to remove the content until the content has been brought up to standards.
  2. Communication
    1. Contact Information
      1. All sellers are required to provide a support email address where they can be reached.
      2. Seller may provide links to a personal site, Twitter, Facebook, or other third-party websites as long as the site or account belongs to the seller.
      3. Sellers are held responsible for their communication with staff and/or community through official Epic Games channels.
        1. Harassment and/or abusive language will not be tolerated.
        2. All Forum Rules must be followed.
        3. Any official communication with UE Marketplace must be through official Epic Games channels.
        4. Sellers must maintain a high level of professionalism and be courteous, approachable, responsive, and respectful toward others.
        5. Providing information about content through forums, comments, or other Epic channels is considered official representation and must be accurate and maintained as part of seller’s support for their product.
  3. Financial Information
    1. Monthly Payouts
      1. Accurate taxpayer ID, tax forms, and bank information is required to receive funds for content sold on the Marketplace.
      2. Payouts will be distributed on a monthly basis (45 days after the end of the calendar month following transactions) by electronic funds transfer so long as the total amount due (70% of net sales) is at least $100.00.
      3. Accepted payout accounts are either a Paypal or Bank account.  Bank accounts must be able to receive wire transfers to be eligible for payouts.
    2. Refunds
      1. Refunds will be deducted from the seller’s next payout.
      2. Refunds can be processed without a seller’s consent if it is discovered that the content does not meet the guidelines, or is not currently supported, and has been determined that the seller does not intend to remedy these issues in a timely manner.
  4. Marketing and Product Promotion
    1. By submitting to the UE Marketplace, the seller is agreeing to provide their own product promotion and marketing.
    2. Epic Games and the UE Marketplace does not guarantee opportunities for enhancements to public exposure and are not required to provide advertising or other marketing initiatives for any content or seller unless otherwise agreed upon prior to submission.
    3. Seller-Initiated Sales and Promotions
      1. Packs can only be on sale at the seller’s request for a maximum of 60 days per year, recycling annually on January 1st.
      2. Wait times between sales, per pack
        1. 1-7 Day sale: 1 Week wait
        2. >1 Week-2 Week sale: 1 Month wait
      3. Sales must not last longer than 2 weeks at a time
      4. After an asset has been released, it cannot be set on sale for 2 weeks after the release date. After this time, it can be set on sale as normal.
      5. Sale requests must be made a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the sale date. This is to ensure we are given enough time to accommodate the request. This will be superseded by event sales deadlines, which will be discussed in individual emails.
      6. Sales’ Financial Limitations
        1. Minimum Sale Percentage - 10% off
        2. Minimum Sale Price - $4.99
        3. Maximum Sale Percentage - 90% off
        4. Items that are normally listed as $4.99 can be set on a percentage sale (minimum 10%) with Marketplace approval.
        5. Sale discount must amount to a minimum of $1 in savings.
      7. Content Creators are allowed to promote individual sales outside of what is provided by Epic.
      8. All sale requests must come from the primary email account from your seller portal. Any sales requests from other email addresses will not be fulfilled.
      9. Marketplace-initiated Event Sales do not deduct from allotted time or require assets to hold to these limitations.

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