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Last Updated: Apr 10, 2017 03:29PM EDT

What is the Unreal Engine Marketplace?
The Marketplace is a vibrant community full of content creators and developers looking to share ideas and assets in order to support each other’s work and grow the community.


How do I submit an asset to the Marketplace?

After reading the Marketplace Business Terms, the Marketplace Distribution Agreement, and ensuring your submission follows the Submission Guidelines, you may sign up to submit your asset to the Marketplace at https://publish.unrealengine.com/welcome.


How do I update my content?

To update the project files, images, or description of your asset, please email marketplace-support@unrealengine.com with the requested changes. When submitting updates to the Marketplace Team, please clearly explain specific changes that need to be made to your asset on the store front. When sending new project files, please list which engine versions they are compatible with.


Am I responsible for maintaining my assets through engine releases?

Yes. New submissions are only required to be compatible with the latest major engine version, but for the rest of their duration on the Marketplace, they must be compatible with at least the two latest major engine versions.


When sending new project files in for an update, please list which engine versions they are compatible with.


Can I use third party or free assets in my submission?

Third party or free assets cannot be submitted for sale but can be used to promote your content. As long as you have all rights to redistribute all components of the content and it is free of any trademarks, logos, or brand images then you can submit it.  


What about Public Domain Content?

We do permit public domain content under these conditions:

  1. The content must be in the public domain and redistributable.

  2. The content must be be modified enough to show new added value.

  3. You must cite the source of the content.

  4. You must include a link to the source content and include usage information.


Can I use Epic content in my submission?

Epic content (including, but not limited to, Epic Branding, Feature Packs, Starter Content, Samples, Templates, etc…) may only be used to display your project’s functionality. Asset Pack requirements may not be substituted with Epic content. If the Marketplace Team considers the pack to misuse Epic content or contain a disproportionate amount, in relation to submission content, you may be asked to modify your pack.


When do I get paid?

Epic will pay you on a monthly basis (45 days after the end of the calendar month following transactions) by electronic funds transfer so long as the total amount due to you is at least $100.00.


What billing information does Epic store?

Epic Games stores your name, billing address, and email address. Epic Games does not store credit or debit card information in our systems. We contract with Chase Paymentech, one of the largest and most trusted payment providers who stores customer payment information. That provider is a Level 1 PCI compliant company and a member of PCI.


What forms of payment are accepted for Marketplace transactions?

We accept Paypal as well as credit and debit cards bearing the VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, American Express and Diners brands. Debit cards are only accepted when they do not require PIN entry.


How do I receive receipt of any transactions?

You will receive receipts for all transactions via email, and your account activities will be available to you from the website under Account Management.


What is the Buyer getting when they purchase my asset?

When buyers purchase Marketplace assets they get a non-exclusive, worldwide, and perpetual license to download, use, copy, post, modify, promote, license, sell, publicly perform, publicly display, digitally perform, distribute, or transmit the content for personal, promotional, and/or commercial purposes.  Distribution of content via the Marketplace is not a sale of the content but the grant of digital rights to the customer.


Can Users modify, resell or transfer my content once they purchase it?

Users are free to modify any content they purchase from the Marketplace.  All items sold cannot be transferred or sublicensed for further redistribution, whether or not the items have be modified. Users cannot distribute purchased assets to other developers by listing it on the Marketplace or another store themselves.


Can I sell my item on different store fronts?

Yes, you are free to distribute your assets through other channels including other online stores or directly to users.


Why was my asset rejected?

The reason most submissions are rejected is due to a lack of overall quality, quantity, or value compared to other items already available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, or if the submission does not meet the standards and requirements set by Epic Games and the Unreal Engine Marketplace. For more information regarding requirements for submitting to the Marketplace, please refer to the Submission Guidelines.


If and when you’ve resolved the issues brought forth by the review team, you’re always welcome to resubmit at https://publish.unrealengine.com/welcome.


How do I change my financial information?

Financial information can be updated via the Seller Portal. Please ensure that the Payout Info and Tax Info tabs are filled out to the best of your ability.  USA based sellers will need to fill out the Tax ID and business type fields.   When you are finished make sure you click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page.


I’m having trouble filling out my financial information.

If you receive any errors while attempting to complete your financial information, please email marketplace-support@unrealengine.com with a description of the problem. We encourage you to include screenshots, as this will help us diagnose the issue more efficiently.


What do I need to enter into the Tax Identification field?

If you are based outside of the U.S., you’re not required to complete the Tax Identification field.


What if I am selling in the US, what is my Tax Identification?

If you are selling as sole proprietor business type, your Tax ID will be your social security number.  Essentially, the Tax ID is the number you or your business use to file your federal and state taxes.


How can I request a promotional sale for my asset?

For your asset to be eligible for a promotional sale, you must adhere to the Promotional Sales Guidelines:
Time Limit: 
Maximum number of days an item can be on sale yearly: 60 days (2 months). 

Wait times between sales: 
1-7 Day sale: 1 Week wait
>1 Week-2 Week sale: 1 Month wait

No sales longer than 2 weeks will be accepted. 
After an asset has been released, it cannot be set on sale for 2 weeks after the release date. After this time, it can be set on sale as normal. 
Sale requests must be made a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the sale date. This is to ensure we are given enough time to accommodate the request. This will be superseded by event sales deadlines, which will be discussed in individual emails. 

Sale Percentages: 
Minimum Sale Percentage - 10% off
Minimum Sale Price - $4.99
Maximum Sale Percentage - 90% off

Items that are listed as $4.99 can be set on a percentage sale (minimum 10%). 
Sale discount must amount to a minimum of $1 in savings.

Additional Information: 
Only assets placed on sale by the content creator are subject to these guidelines.  Assets within an Epic Event Sale do not follow these guidelines.
Content Creators are allowed to promote individual sales outside of what is provided by Epic. 
All sale requests must come from the primary email account from your seller portal. Any sales requests from other email addresses will not be fulfilled. 

To request a promotional sale for your asset, please email marketplace-support@unrealengine.com with the following information:

  • Title of the asset

  • Start and End dates of the promotion

  • Discounted price



Am I responsible for providing support to my customers?

Yes. You’re required to monitor the inbox of your listed support email address and the comments section of your asset’s storefront page for issues and questions from users.


What level of support am I responsible for?

If you're going to provide content to developers using the Marketplace, the most important thing you can do besides doing great work is to be approachable, responsive, and respectful toward others. Be proud of the work you do, and keep supporting your content and the people that use it. When a developer makes a decision to purchase Marketplace content, they want to feel confident that the content is as advertised and that the creator will help them with any problems they might have with it.


Why was my content removed from the Marketplace?

There are several reasons your content may have been removed. The Marketplace Team will always attempt to contact you with the reasons for removing your content from the Marketplace.


How do I remove my content from the Marketplace?

To request a sale for your asset, please email marketplace-support@unrealengine.com with the following information:


What happens in cases of fraud?

While we do our best to make sure that we block most cases of this, fraudulent purchases do happen from time to time as they do on any store front. When an instance like this is identified, the purchase is immediately refunded. We will contact you within 2-3 business days informing you of the refund.


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